59 year-young former Online Student Karl has “Begun Again,” with his formal studies with me…meet him in the WF SanghaLounge in the INTRODUCTION chamber and welcome him back h(om)e!


so happy to be back again in the WF Sangha.    It has been a few years.    Worked with Coach Ilg and Coach Sheader for 3-4 years (04-08ish) and it changed my life.    I went out on my own.     And we begin again and again.   I am 59 and want to dig deep physically and spiritually to prepare for the next 40 years or so.   Living on Purpose.    With my kids out of the house this year (4 kids and now the nest empty – but all ways available) and now grand kids to play with.    WF is more important than ever.    Setting the example.    (we are teaching always,  sometimes even with words).

So I teach yoga and do some wellness/lifestyle coaching for a living.    Eat plant strong.    Recently picked up my golf clubs after about 15 years.  And bought a djembe (which I have started to play in yoga classes and at Kirtan).

So there it is.   I look forward to meeting you and to being supported by and then supporting in any way I can the WF community.



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  1. Sandra Lee says:

    Welcome Back Karl!

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