Be the first Warrior to spot the Animal Being captured in this picture i took this morning, and point it out to me in the photo:  steve{at}wholisticfitness{dot}com

Location:  my neighbor’s backyard, north Durango in town, over our fence…riverside, 6,512′ elevation.

Time: 7:50 am MST

Prize:  $10 off any product or service in the WF Pro Shop (you can also tell me to Tithe the amount to Free Tibet, if desired)

excluded:  the 7 HP Yogis who took my PROP Workout this morning…sorry, y’all know the answer!

One Response to “(all access) WF Test Challenge; Be The First To ID This Animal…$10 prize!”

  1. coach says:

    CONGRATS TO REBECCA SIDES of Tucson, AZ who was playing via Facebook…she correctly ID’d the cute, large rump of a Black Bear awlright… if you look closely, photo right, two large trees. between them and closer to the left most large tree, that, my Friends…is him (or her). watch my sites for more photos! and…THANKS FOR PLAYING to: Brad A Tafoya,John Kuhlman,Tarlan Bara,Chasmo Grub and to the WF Students playing on my Blog…Rebecca, let me know about your Prize and CONGRATS!

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