The Christ Light, The BuddhaLight, our Grandfather Sun graces Go(o)dnight to a kiva ladder…this, and all photos below by ilg.  please, ask my Blessings before sharing…to date, several of my pics have been made into posters and for-profit screensavers without even my persmission, let alone any payment.   gracias mi hermanos y hermanas de los espritu!

Namaste Noble Warrior Sangha Directed Toward Wholeness…

the cohesion between self, spirit, and Go(o)d is more fragile than a sandstone edge on an A5 leadout in Oak Creek Canyon (you have to have lived it by experience to understand the analogy)…since 1981 feeble ilg has attempted to act as a functional bridge between Eastern Wisdom and Western…uh…enthusiasm.

the following pics from Day Two in the Only Land That Spirits  (instead of the Only Land That Matters)…is my gift to Thee…

in-Joy the (w)holiday and Dharma Blessings to Thee, Thy Practice, and Thy Lineage…
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only one thing more ignorant and de-Meritful than selling freaking fireworks in a state torn, burnt, and suffering from decades long drought…

…and that is driving drunk.  Really?   how many MORE friends, mentors, and students of mine need to enter the Bardo by being killed via drunk drivers while training?

in a Gallery in Santa Fe;  Dewachen getting intimate with the artistry of wolves recreated…may all Chi-ldren be exposed and chronically re-exposed to art…

….for being an artist or an athlete for a living?  is, in feeble ilg’s humble perspective?  the most BRAVE occupation a human being can possibly bec(om)e….

above pic:   Dewachen with Native Americans on the Plaza in Santa Fe, appreciating their beautiful, eon-old artistry…her tastes are incredible…she ended up with a bartered-down $12 handmade rainbow bracelet with turquoise to $10…the woman knows Chi when she senses it…

this is my “Twin Sista’s” pic in my Cracked Pot Baba collection…

“Single Pot With Lineage”…

Pot-lined sky view….

how ’bout that Father Sky, Sister Cloud play, eh?!?!

c’mon….how freakin’ Blessed are New Mexicans merely to just Look Upward!?!?!

Brother Raven in flight…

(some fan of ilg;  get me a real camera and i’ll make you artistically orgasm,  i promise!)

ilg calls this,  “Shivalingam Courts VajraYogini In Early Morning Light”…you do the research
if you haven’t kept wholistic pace set by feeble ilg through the decades…

Pueblo pot, Grandfather Sky awakening and Chimney Swift Soaring…
does it truly get any Higher?
feeble ilg sez;  nope.
cuz, to feeble ilg?
this is the ultimate dope.



at this point,  why not – with your heart opened wide – consider a Temple Tithe?

thank Thee for Being Here Now…

2 Responses to “Cracked Pot Baba; Day 2 in the NM Vortex…”

  1. Sandra Lee says:


    i cannot believe how beautiful your photo shots are. They are perfect, and to tell me you do not have a “real” camera? beautiful

    Dewa’s Rainbow bracelet- to the Dine’ rainbows are sacred. Rainbows play a role in communication (tongue), movement (at the elbows, wrist, knee, ankles), and transportation (at the sole of the feet, on and off the reservation).

    see you in Prop, I won’t be late :)
    Dawa G

  2. coach says:

    Precious D,
    Ananda said you were at her Wholistic workout! you are awesome!
    and THANK YOU for the articulation of the Rainbow, courtesy of the Diné perspective! it’s awes(om)e to live near and often within, the Land of the Lying Rainbows…
    thanks also for the kind words on Vishnu’s photos which come through ilg…poopy little camera notwithstanding!
    see you in PROP!
    head bowed,

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