Precious Ones,

with Love…from the Land of Enchantment…

Blessed be your sweat,
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kickin’ around the Chama narrow gauge railroad i found this yogic gem mysteriously still vibrant on the side of a dilapidated snow – of all things – clearing engine

the bodhichitta spirit rings true and clear in the tiny northern New Mexican village of Chama…one of my lifelong chakra hotspots… — at Chama, NM.

they just don’t make (narrow gauge) railyards this any more… — at Chama, New Mexico

Can you believe in ghosts now?   The gas-powered engine that could; the fabled Galloping Goose still rides the rails…ilg saw it today!

the geometry, the lines, the seductive shape of the Native American pot against a long-waiting thunder-filled southwest sky caught my eye like crazy on this one… — in Pojoaque, New Mexico

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