S(om)etimes,  especially given the WF quiver of Word Choice arrows designed to bring Awareness and Purification to our Speech,   our Wholes(om)es lies in what c(om)es out of our mouth and keyboards!  See below for a refresher course on my “TAF” Technique;  a long-time part of this Proven Path of Transformation.

Dear Coach,
What does TAF stand for?
New Student ET
Noble Student,
it stands for:  Think And Feel.   instead of just saying, “Well,  I think that…blah, blah, blah…”
among our Tribe,  we might say,  “Well, i TAF that…”
i created that Acronym based on the Native American Talking Stick philosophy…where Tribal Members
Speak while holding a Ceremonial Stick.  after finishing,  they pass it to the person with whom they are cOMmunicating…
that person then begins his/her reply with, “Here is what I heard you say….” then repeats what was said.  this ensures Clarity and Respect.
usually, we don’t truly LISTEN/FEEL what others say to us,
because we are locked up in our (over)thinking head,  already manufacturing an answer in our heads before the other person even finishes
their sentences.
my TAF Technique
respectfully shows the other person that we didn’t just “think” about what is being cOMmunicated,
rather, we are FEELING what is being cOMmunicated as well.
thus, we are Wholistically cOMmunicating,  not merely ‘thinking’ about it.

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