okay, Conscious Fathers everywhere who read a bijillion library books to their young ones…

name the storybook book character that i am dressed up as and save yourself up to $395 on a New Student Membership

or extend your current Online Training by two months free!

One Response to “(all access) WF Challenge Test: Worth Up To $395!!!”

  1. coach says:

    Most Noble Sangha!
    well…looks like ilg stumped everybody!

    ANSWER: i am – of course – Owen, the little brother of BUMBLEBEE BOY (Friend of LADYBUG GIRL) who always wants to play with his older brother. BUMBLEBEE BOY however, doesn’t want Owen to bum his inner adventure fantasies…until, of course, the last couple of pages!

    better luck next time!

    head bowed,
    abba ilg

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