…by popular request…what can ilg say? i live with the little woman and still constantly crave her Rinpoche ‘contact high’! — at Durango Co.

Beyond Words…her innate expression of Balance with  Shiva (1st shot stoic/static all pervading) and Shakti (above shot; humor/dynamic) is impeccable to those in the study of East/West Bridgers like ilg…both of the above shots i took in Telluride, Colorado the other day (after i was DENIED trying to ride my MTB over Imogene Pass from the Ouray side!)

i was lucky enough to catch Dewa during her Early Morning Ritual of kissing her own h(om)egrown Sunflower Being the other morning…can you believe ilg gets to LIVE with this amazing Being?! May We All Kiss A Sunflower Being Today!

Dewa crankin’ over the ‘see-saw’ obstacle on the DEVO Kids Course during the recent US PRO CHALLENGE festival…spotted by ilg, though she didn’t need it…my only coaching counsel to my 4 year-old is the same as what i was telling myself a hundred times today during my own mountain bike workout:  “Focus on where you want your bike to go!”

Blessed be your Sweat and Stillness,

thank YOU for your support!

it is vital to keep WF h(aum)ing in Kali Yuga!

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4 Responses to “Dewa hit #213 (3 photos)”

  1. coach says:

    Most Precious Yogi SS!
    THANK YOU! she, like all Masters, simply draws out our Highest Qualities and Aspirations!
    head bowed,

  2. Sandra Lee says:


    she is made perfectly cute!


  3. coach says:

    Most Precious DawaGahti!
    she kinda is, huh?!
    then again, dat’s probably just Daddy talkin’…

    thank you for your love,

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