Photo of Grandmother this evening from New Mexico…i CANNOT BELIEVE, or even FATHOM a more beautiful Grandmother over such an AMAZING Plane(t) as our own Mother Earth!!!!   i mean, REALLY!?!?!   How DOTH IT ALL WORK!??!    OM NAMAH SHIVAYA!

Most Noble Sangha,

feeble ilg prays this Teaching enters your cells with your Breath and Posture conscious…  on the 3-hour drive down to my ailing M(om)’s casa in Rio Rancho, New Mexico,  ilg experienced a 3-hour long Mula Bandha, Ujjayi, and Mantra workshop (self created) that catapulted me into a very high state of Vibration in order to be as Clear and Strong for my just-out-of-hernia-surgery 82 year-young M(om)….i arrived in the Land of Enchantment,  absolutely,  totally Enchanted…ilg has all-Ways dug It (Lila) down here and even under the pensive circumstance,  my inner self beamed with Sacred Happiness….Practice paying off, once again…

buckle up, the next two pics might be tough on the queasy:

the above pic is my M(om)’s right arm…the deeply discolored area a manifestation of a young, perturbed to be working on an old lady with a hernia on a saturday mid-night…as he fished around for a vein,  my M(om) attempted to explain to him politely that she has thin, slippery veins in the first place and in the second place,  he was nowhere NEAR the appropriate needle placement…whether or not this kid was high, pissed off, or whatever,  he plunged the needle 3x into my poor M(om)’s BICEPS (completely off the insertion point).  my M(om),   who already had waited over an hour in the Emergency Room with an excruciatingly painful hernia (i did tell you, she is nearly 83, right?), was as polite as a starlit sky requested, “Perhaps you should call somebody else,”… the young kid turned on his heel, and angrily called for a more experienced nurse the latter of whom deeply apologized to my M(om) and immediately found the correct vessel…

the above pic is my M(om)’s left arm in the foreground.  can you even SEE the needle mark?   well,  the artistic insertion of this needle mark was make by a much older gentleman,  a Warrior of two wars, who was painstakingly polite and as you can see, made with one quick, harmless, skillful insertion a needle entry into which my M(om)’s IV remained for over 24 hours…please note, Noble Ones,  the difference between the two.

the first photo:  young, yang attitude,  inexperienced,  lack of mindfulness

the second:  older, yin attitude,  experienced, absolute mindfulness.

Now,  reflect back on my 4 Lifestyle Principles of WF.

How valuable would it be to have every Medical Student study WF during their education?

Remember, Noble Warriors, the 4 Lifestyle Principles of WF for if you do,  not only may you save YOURSELF great suffering and karmic rebound,  you may save OTHERS great suffering (like my Mom, for instance)…

• Conscious Breath and Posture

• Mindfulness

• Appropriate Action

• Practice

beneath this incredible Blue New Mexican Moon,  i mindfully tuck my ailing, frail Mother into bed while outside a symphonic crash of Coyotes call to Grandmother Moon whose orb entrances me toward the sound of chirping Crickets and ilg feels One With The UniVerse…

no matter what…

Blessed Be Your Practice,  Wherever It May Take Thee…

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4 Responses to “Everything Blue, On This Blue Moon…and for the sake of my own M(om); why hospital workers REALLY need WF!”

  1. Sandra Lee says:

    Om mani padme hum


  2. Kevin Burnett says:

    Took my youngest son and his friend to the local BMX – Jump park on Saturday so they could unwind and catch flight. About an hour into it I heard kids yelling about a crash. I immediately looked for my child and his friend and did not see my boy so I started walking in the direction of the group of kids.

    When I got there I saw my boy on his back not moving with his face covered in blood. He was out cold. I dialed 911 and ran through the ABCD’s I was taught in Wilderness First Aid training.

    He came to after a minute or so and we kept him immobile and calm as we could until the paramedics arrived. After a few hours in the hospital we were able to take him home and he should have a full recovery.

    The 911 operator asked me at one point if I knew how to get ahold of his parents and when I told her I was his dad she was shocked that I had been so calm and helpful. I realized later that I was telling myself to breath deep and low starting with the walk over to the crash site and all throughout the ordeal. I learned this from you Coach and have practiced it during 100’s of self-imposed stressful situations, but never during something like this.

    Well, it worked. Thanks for helping me help my son when he needed me most.

    Head bowed.

  3. coach says:

    Precious Dawa G!

    Om Mani Padme Hung…

    Ahe´ hee´

    { }

  4. coach says:

    Precious Warrior Daddy KB,

    Om Mani Padme Hung…

    oh….oh….Beyond Words…been there when Dewa t-bone the cold metal park bench on her sled clocking mach speed…default must be to the Breath, the Mantra…ilg wants you to know that you and your Precious S(u)n were and all-Ways shall be protected by the WF Deities…as just proven by your recent m(om)ent…your stalwart Devotion to this Path too, was proven, as you felt and radiated calm, collected demeanor in the face of such emotive intensity….such shall be the case when you…and your Precious S(u)n enter the Bardo…
    in this,
    we Trust…

    Om Mani Padme Hung!

    if there is ANYTHING i can do….

    head bowed,
    spirit vowed,

    { }

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