Most Noble Sangha,

as you know by now,  i use this life as “Practice” for my deathing process (aka; Bardo Entry) into “my” next incarnation – in whichever of the Six Realms – my Atman may manifest…

however;  to my Beloved biologic, and Sangha family,  i found myself wondering what pic of my present incarnation would i like my m(om),  my Precious Partner (Joy), my unbelievably beautiful Daughter, and YOU to remember me…here is the letter  and pic i sent Joy just in case,  ilg enters the Bardo tomorrow…or tonight…we never really know, do we?

what’s YOUR epitaph photo?    send it in…we’ll make sure it gets to your family should your own Bardo Entry happen ‘unplanned’…most Bardo Entries do happen, unplanned, by the Way!

Blessed be your Practice of genuine WHOLISTIC FITNESS™!

your Truths pave the next Way Higher,

so Long,

{  }


precious Pea,

when i pass into the Bardo, which could be the next white pickup passing too close to me on my next bike ride –

please use this pic of me passing the Summit of Imogene Pass – one of my most long-time Sacred Pilgrimages – as my epitaph photo…

i want my daughter to remember me Mountain High, immersed in Noble Effort, the yin/yang dance of Father Sky/Mother Earth, and with me

smiling,  Blessed Mala’s thumping my Heart Center, Thumbs Up….no matter how great the pain…no matter how steep the Unknown Path ahead…

Om Ami Dewa Hri

head bowed in Gratitude and ready to Go at any M(om)ent, Mantra engaged…

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4 Responses to “my epitaph photo…(what’s yours?)”

  1. Kit Johaneson says:

    Steve – Your spirit will live forever.
    Ai Imawa with love
    Fit Kit

  2. padma says:

    Om Ami Dewa Hri

  3. coach says:

    Most Precious Fit Kit!
    as will yours, Oh Most Noble IronBeing!!!

    head bowed,

  4. coach says:


    Om Ami Dewa Hri!!!!

    from where the ground is soft and spongy and if you fall? you will not hurt yourself…

    head bowed,
    { }

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