ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME!?!??!??!?

i’ve watched countless hours of pro cycling…yet NEVER, EVER has ilg been SO GLUED to the monitor than watchingDurango Colorado‘s own, Tommy Danielson win by 2 SECONDS the Queen Stage of the US PRO CHALLENGE!?!??!! Tommy D!?!? D-town LOVES you!!!!!

you see, Noble Sangha,  ilg recall’s a VERY YOUNG Tommy D crankin’ the Club Rides  (see my Facebook Profile Status last night) when even Feeble Ilg could beat him up the local climbs…so,   to see him mature into the stratsospheric caliber of rider he is today as he eluded an ENTIRE PELETON of world-class cyclists to win the Queen Stage of the US PRO CHALLENGE which started in Durango?    well,  it’s pretty much an orgasmic event for those of us that turn ourselves inside out each week on those same club rides here in D-town…

rumor is that Tommy D wants to return to Durango…as well he should…and ilg hopes that he joins my other pro’s in my local HP Yoga™ classes as we collectively learn to play judo with world-class cardiovascular fitness to flip it wisely into the Energetics of Enlightenment…

congrats to Tommy D and i have no idea how he is going to wake up tomorrow and race back over Independence Pass (12,0oo’+) then onto a mountain top finish at Beaver Creek…yet, if anyone can?   ilg knows that one certain Durangatang – in a long lineage of World Championship warriors (even myself included) from here – can.

ilg believes Tommy D can WIN the  US PRO CHALLENGE!

doth thee?!?!?

2 Responses to “the “Durango Kid” wins the Queen Stage of the US PRO CHALLENGE!!”

  1. Sandra Lee says:


    Tommy D has sacred wings in these mountains.

  2. coach says:

    you noticed the Chi streaming around his pedals, too, eh?!

    love, sweat, and high mountains,

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