which yoga-asana makes YOU react most?  let me know in the co(om)ment box below!

for feeble ilg?
hate to disillusion any of  you,  yet,  Virabharadasana I (Warrior One) still triggers this ol’ broken back yogi deeper than most of the more advanced asana’s!   ain’t yoga just, “Grand Union?” or what?

i was thinkin’ today during my nearly one-hour mountain bike climb up Skyline Trail*… i should do a book;  “Inner Heights;  An Immersion Into 25 Ridiculous Yoga Postures”…  ilg has to tell you…i don’t know if it is a Blessing or a Curse when your chakra’s begin to Awaken to the Divine Downpour that cascades through the human vehicle formerly know as “ilg”…Insert Your Name Here: ___________

…and, then, upon arriving at the summit?

ilg had Blissfully renounced all such Outer Worldly thoughts, ambitions, and aspirations

and relaxed like a Bear into hibernation

into the Spiritual Realm that outsiders know only as…

Durango, Colorado.

Blessed and Inspired be thy Practice,

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(800′ of climbing, 30 – count ’em 30 – switchbacks…trailhead located just minutes from my front door…when are YOU gonna get out here to Durango for your Private Training Intensive?!?

4 Responses to “…and, then, upon arriving at the summit?”

  1. BB says:

    For me it is a tie between two very ‘simple’ poses: Uttanasana and Paschimottanasana. Both are very similar poses working the same areas just done in different ways. But the challenges are ever present to me in these poses while keeping my spine straight and still bending deeply from the pelvis and lower back only.

  2. Alan Ludgate says:

    Any and all pigeon pose variations…Holy Hips!

  3. Sandra Lee says:


    ….which yoga-asana makes YOU react most?

    Each practice varies.
    First time, I cried in class was in a Happy Baby Pose
    Second time, I was in Janu Sirsasana
    Third time, I was the Frog pose
    Fourth time, I was the Cow Face pose

    Sometimes, these poses do not make me cry or make me anxious. Sometimes, they do.
    Sometimes, I want to run out of the room, sometimes I want to puke, sometimes I get too anxious and my thoughts come like the waterfall, one on top of another. I have to remind myself to breathe during these times. I also have to focus and not to compare myself and look around the room at the other Warriors. I am on my own journey.

    it has been a lil over two years since I met you and HP Yoga.


  4. coach says:

    Most Precious Students of the Wholeness Way:

    Yogi BB: my HALLWAY YOGA DVD will really amp your progress on those two pivotal asana’s!

    Yogi L’Gaté: engage the HP Asana Mudra while sustaining your precious hip opening asana’s!

    Yogini Dawa: ilg? oh geezo!!!! thank you for asking!!! uhhmmmm…can ilg submit in book form at least about about 30 postures that just currently send my ego into the Red Zone within a nano-second??!!
    my honest answer right now (and it changes constantly) is a variation of Krounchasana (Heron Pose) yet only on my right hip/leg, especially after long yoga-cv’s (Cardio Workouts). of course, Warrior One, yes, like the most BASIC of ALL asana’s? TOTALLY set’s this broken back yogi off! your submittal is pure poetry! THANK YOU!

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