Joy Kilpatrick transfigured as AnandaGanesha on this night;   5 years ago in Kinlani, AZ.  pic by ilg
Tonight is such a precious, nostalgic evening for me… 5 years ago at this time, Dewa and i began our sacred dance. Me with interplay of calm and labored breaths while she bravely began her decent into the physical realm of this world. “Holy Mother… how blessed am i, are we, that at 4:24 am on September 11th, 2007… a Divine Light of Endless Love Graced our Planet. Oh my, i think i feel another contraction… ahhh…just another Divine Workout. Breathe Baby, breathe. OM!”

Precious Sangha,
unless you witnessed my Beloved through her pregnancy 5 years ago,  one might easily pass off my Teachings as something “too athletic” or someother non-sense…just look at how Joy used her unswerving WF Devotion and not overcame medically ascribed “infertility”  to conceive during my “Brahmacharaya” (celibacy practice),  yet also transformed into Ganesha (the Elephant Goddess of Nurturing and Protection) in order to provide such an immense inner oceanic love station for Dewachen’s w(om)b time…
5 years in the flash of thunder…wow…
WF Works…when YOU choose to Work the Path!
Blessed Are We All on this most Auspicious of Nights…
head bowed,
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3 Responses to “From Ananda on the Eve of Dewa’s 5th Birthday….”

  1. padma says:

    How lOvely! Next week is Chaturthi–an enormous (w)holiday devoted to Ganesh, celebrated widely across the southern parts of the OMland. I will think of this image during Puja.

  2. Kit Johaneson says:

    Happy Birthday, Dewa

  3. Sandra Lee says:

    Ananda & Coach

    … i have no words .. only smiles

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