Here it is, Noble Sangha…
one of my most treasured, hallowed halls of Wholistic Fitness™ Sacred Sweat:  Missionary Ridge to Burnt Timber Turn-Around;  16 miles and nearly 4,000′ of vert to almost 10,300′ in altitude ALL uphill…then, turn around and soar down like Raven Sister slicing through these sexy southwest skies…this morning i averaged 7 mph to the summit;  took me 2 hours and 17 minutes to get to the high point turn around…you wanna think ilg wore an iPod?   Guess again…it was all Mantra, Blessings, Gratitude Prayers through my heaving breath to the Higher Ones for just allowing this most feeble, most injured of all mountain yogis to just be Present with each deliciously high heart rate beat and every morsel of foot-pounds upon each pedal stroke…c’mon…i’ll take you with me!  you’ll enjoy the beautiful colors along this sacred ribbon of dirt which slants like underwater sunlight upward, upward, oh, so upward!

Enjoy autumn colors, do you?   hey,  how ’bout some russet hues margined within Grandfather’s embracing rays?

…or perhaps a more tawny rush is what trips your trigger?

Oh you Noble Heart Based Warrior(ess)!!!   you love the EverGreen Beings so much eh?   well,  at over 10,000′ climbing from 6, 512′?  it’s all Heart Chakra Green up here, baby!

getting pretty gassed now, after 15 uphill miles…and still another mile+ to crank…this is on Burnt Timber Road with Lemon Reservoir (see the Archives) floating like a Skinwalker just left of my Peace Sign on my brain bucket…

Approaching the High Point Turn Around,  ilg was pranically juiced…all breath and Blessed Mantra…note Brother Raven sending you all some San Juan Chi!   this photo reveals Missionary Ridge sloping toward the Animas River drainage,  Hermosa Cliffs mid-ground, and the Sacred San Juan High Peaks in the background including Engineer, Jura Knob, Grizzly,  Graysill, and others….

what took me 2 hours and 17 minutes to cycle up?  less than 45 scintillating minutes back down at an average flying speed of 22.2 mph…you want s(om)e of this WF Training?   c’mon…ilg has been Here Now,  performing such Puja just for you…

Blessed be your Intention to Sweat,

Animated be your Intention…

Higher, Wholistically, Endlessly…

your feeble teacher of nothing

2 Responses to “On A Mission(ary Ridge) Ride…”

  1. Leferisen John says:

    thank you!
    remembering the tubing down sacred Animas last month.

  2. padma says:

    Om Mani Padme Hung! thank you for sending some Pranic waves all the way to the other side of the world.
    September in the San Juans, so precious, and my beloved Engineer peak!
    for now i will have to suffice with watching water buffalo bathe themselves in the 90 degree humidity.
    way to climb, Rinpo.

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