pic of a much younger, faster ilg winning the Furnace Creek 508 race in Death Valley, CA.  pic by Chris Kostman

Tonight was event #3 of 4 of the DWC Championships;

and…i TAF’d i was going fast…

i pretty much did go fast…for an old yoga guy on a bike…

covered a hilly 15-mile course with wind in 36 minutes…

a nearly 25 mph average…solo…no drafting…just you…that’s why Time Trials are called,  “The Race of Truth”

evidently, however, in this tiny town at the foot of the San Juan rocky heights?

it wasn’t THAT fast…

yet,  i kept the Mantra strong,  kept a yogi’s Conscious Breath and Posture as #1 technical focus (which is why Conscious Breath and Posture is our WF Lifestyle Principle #1;  it keeps us Present with what Is and away from the random thought waves of the ego/ahamkara aspect of mind).    i powered through my pedal stokes with well-measured wattage gained from my years of Back Squat and Jump Squats and felt deep gratitude for WF Strength Training Techniques like “Staccato” and “Envelope”… and dispensed my available chi or ojas evenly throughout the race course which is truly the artistic root of Time Trialing;  it’s the highest overall average speed,  not just hammering up a few hills faster…it’s the applied art of strength endurance…

it wasn’t THAT fast, however,  i don’t have fancy equipment like a lot of the folks in front of me, and ilg spends only a fraction of the time these guys and girls do on a bike…and there sure as hec weren’t any other yoga teachers/personal trainers in front of me…and most importantly, there WERE a LOT of my students in front of me!   that makes ilg deeply happy!

so it wasn’t THAT fast, my Noble Effort tonight, i was still out there, toeing the Start Line, finishing strong through the Finish Line and it was a beautiful, if not luscious evening spent among my fellow Warriors and Warrioresses and that is what it’s all about…

oh,  and i did go fast enough to move up to 2nd place AG!   so, i must not have been THAT slow!  😉

3 events down, 1 more to go;  the Road Race this Saturday morning…send some CHI!

and may all our Noble Efforts keep us inspired Higher!

for results of all the stages so far click below:


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