“Greetings Two-wheeled, Two-skied Master!

We thank you again for introducing Asea Sacred Water to us (and highlighting the quality of Sunrider Herbs).  Leanne is on race 2 of 2 tomorrow, two back to back half-marathons.  She took 1st in her 35-39AG last week and hopes to do well in the next race tomorrow.

She KNOWS the Asea is helping, especially with the recover this week!  The course was all down hill, so her legs had some serious DOMS going on by Tuesday.

I got another box of Sunrider goodness this week too, and love the Calli tea* as this weather starts to get cooler!  Got Leanne some Beauty Pearls* as well!”

– Steve S,


Asea is the world’s first method of Redox Signaling delivery into the native cellular world of us humans…check out the link to learn more about this Sacred Water of WF!
Calli tea from SUNRIDER Whole Food Herbs is prepared and drunk like tea, yet there is no tea in it.  It is a very rare, ancient Cleansing/Empowering Beverage straight from the Shao-lin Monks.
Beauty Pearls, from SUNRIDER Whole Food Herbs, is yet another amazing product from the Temple Garden of WF: SUNRIDER Herbs!   these are totally cool looking little balls upon which you eat and they nourish your skin from the inside out…it is an ancient formula straight from the Geisha, and you KNOW how unfathomably clear their skin quality is!

need help using the 3 Primary Nutritional Arrows of WF:   SUNRIDER Herbs, Asea Sacred Water, and the MAP Aminos?   let me know how i can help!

head bowed,
spirit vowed,

el coache

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  1. To finish the story,she placed 2nd in the following weeks race, with a hard sprint to the line. The recovery after these two back-to-back events was stellar though, and all the above mentioned items helped!

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