WF Test Challenge!

Published on Sep 06, 2012 by in Teachings, WF Test Challenge


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pic;  this morning during Brahmamuhurti (around 4:49am) in the WF Temple Zendo….ilg archives

3 Responses to “WF Test Challenge!”

  1. Vito Borreggine says:

    Coach, that looks like a variation of Garbha Pindasana (Embryo Pose)

  2. coach says:

    Most Precious Vito!!!

    although the question got answered faster (way) on my Facebook site, you TOTALLY capture the flag for this one in this forum!!!

    congratulations…actually, the name of the posture is UttanaKumakaAsana…extended tortoise posture…however, ilg has softened in my aging years, so i am accepting your answer as it’s becoming contemporary called.

    just let me know if you already have the Mula Bandha MP3…if not it’s yours, if so, i’ll hook you up with one you don’t have!



  3. Vito Borreggine says:

    Wow thanks coach!!! Hope this response is not too late. If the offer still stands then The Pain Guru would help me tremendously. I’ve experienced a grade 1 nonoperative ACL tear a year ago and TAF this is something I need to hear. Thank you so much

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