it is amazing how we are all connected. i have made a new friend recently, who
i connected immediately with. we have been spending a lot of time together
hiking and after a few weeks i dragged her to a yoga class. it is ashtanga influenced \
class and although she hasn’t practiced in years she did very well. she said she learned to breathe from a yoga instructor by the name of
Steve, but she couldn’t remember his last name. Her name is Linda Weinreb! Do you remember her
she took privates from you many many moons ago.
Small world.
hope all is well

Most Treasured YoginiRaj V,
ilg is sooooooo sacred happy you went on to bec(om)e a Yoga Teacher…
ilg saw that potential within you upon your first Down Dog at my LA HP HP Yoga Cave…
got to say, sadly, that ilg does recall the name, not the face of LW…
ilg recalls a sense of Great Warrioressim from the sweat of Yogini LW…
ripples make waves,

keep Waving Higher,

{   }

pic;   my Precious Student VC, from my LA teaching years….

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