the view from my pickup point from my Girls after cycling uphill for 35 minutes from my casa in Durango, into an uphill 5-mile run to 8,700′ into a downhill run of 3 miles….my fastest mile split uphill was 9 minutes…my fastest downhill mile split was 8 minutes…ilg will deeply need to improve my ability to hold these splits over a 10-mile uphill/downhill at Mt. Taylor if i am to regain another solo podium at Mt. Taylor this February…will you PLEASE help me by contributing ANYTHING to my Winter Sponsorship by clicking HERE now?

my precious Daughter Dewa….after picking up feeble ilg’s withered, work-outed self,  i forced my dehydrated, hyperthermic body to take a hike with my girls…and this, is why…just look at that smile…the cowgirl boots kissing Gambel Oak leaves while sitting upon a treasured ol’ stump…oh!

ilg has to admit…it’s been a few…okay, several years…what, you wanna make me cry?…. since i’ve toed the imposing Start Line of the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon as a soloist….sure, ilg and my local world-class friends here in Durango have been bitch-slapping the bitchness  outta all comers in the Pairs, Mixed Pairs, and Teams for the past several years at this 75-kilometer, 4-sport sufferfest which makes the CrossFit™ people hunker away in the shadows of their falsely perceived higher way like so many squirrels scurrying for cover at a lonesome wolf’s howl….how the young ones forget the shoulders upon whom they stand and make so much money while only injuring people undharmically!    oh well…Life in Kali Yuga, eh?

a border line hypothermic ilg being comforted by Dewachen to regain my attempt to make the .5 mile hike with her and AmmaJi at the (8,700′) Animas Overlook after 2.5 hours of personal sacred sweat offering….

“Yes, sweetheart?”
“I can see New Mexico from here!”
“Yes you can, Precious One!!”

pic of Ananda and Dewachen,  airplane high looking south (toward New Mexico) from the Animas Overlook today…pic by ilg




The mind and body are ready to begin the pilgrimage to Mt. Taylor.


• Thus spoken thus it shall be!

1)   go ahead and register,  send me the confirmation report.

2)  call Comfort Inn, Grants, New Mexico;  505*287*8700….get a room for yourself…ilg clan will be there too…you’ll want to book a friday and saturday night…good luck on awakening early enough on Sunday to make the check out time!

3)  email me when such points above have been confirmed…

head bowed,


how about YOU?!?!  have you faithfully c(om)pleted the solo division of the Mt.Taylor Winter Quadrathlon?  if not,  do so THIS YEAR,  and join me as on Feb. 16th, 2013…ilg returns to solo this Traditional Pilgrimage of WF!   i haven’t soloed it since 2009 and i’ll need to see YOUR face on the soloist Start Line!  review the Archives…see how so many WF Students like YOU have done what it takes to become Transformed by the WF Deities which hover over this Pilgrimage!

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  1. Sandra Lee says:

    to Coach, Noble Warriors and Warrioresses,

    i will be there in 2014!


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