Today:   From dry Durango high desert to the snowy Animas Overlook today in 1:04:45 – a new PR during my weekly Mountain Bike 14-mile Uphill Time Trial workout – if you hunger for your Highest Truth?  you’d nail your egoic self each week to the Atman Wall like feeble ilg has been doing for the past 5 decades…if you genuinely wish to stay young in body yet wise in mind?  better live the WF Path…note;  disregard unless you dream of dispatching pro athletes decades younger than you and/or want to keep the Enlightenment Lights beaming upon entering the Bardo Realm….


“When we have prayed and aspired and hungered for the truth for a long time, for many, many lives, and when our karma has become sufficiently purified, a kind of miracle takes place. And this miracle, if we can understand and use it, can lead to the ending of ignorance forever: The inner teacher, who has been with us always, manifests in the form of the “outer teacher,” who, almost as if by magic, we actually encounter. This is the most important encounter of any lifetime.”

– Sogyal Rinpoche

for those of us who dance the edge of our inner glory each week, regardless of outer worldly turbulence?
we take inner refuge within the cells of our spiritual bodies which hangs on each m(om)ent of daily (mundane) life for
spiritual transmission…most times,  surely,  it falls far short…
yet,  on days like today for feeble ilg,  all inner and outer cards fall into divine alignment and it all just Flows,
regardless of the suffering, pain, and tribulation…
there is no other Path we’d rather tread than the WF Path…
the only One which calls us out front so directly to all of our negative tendencies, predictable patterns toward egoic comfort, and
other spiritually lazy tendencies…

A Very Go(o)d Question…
keep to the Path…and find out!

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