One of my most Treasured HP Yogi’s and stalwart MAP Amino Acid devotee;  Brett C. from my ol’ h(om)e in Kinlani, AZ…feeble ilg’s teaching life has been but a sweet, sweat-soaked vinyasa of hundreds of AMAZING Students who Teach feeble ilg!!!   not the other way around!    below,  an update from Yogi BC..

Namaste Coach Ilg,

I have been using MAP Amino’s  for a few years now.  I live in Flagstaff and was introduced to them by you when you lived here.   Still miss your yoga classes and Pop in a couple of your DVD’s on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. Your High Performance Yoga® changed the way I lived and has helped me grow tremendously as a person. Whenever I stop doing HP Prop workouts my body mind and soul quickly remind me its time to grab those blocks again! Thanks again for introducing High Performance Yoga into my life! Hope all is well!

Brett Campbell

Flagstaff, Arizona

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