sooooo…you KNOW you need to knock off the Tsidool Pilgrimage (Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon)?   why not Pair Up with Precious HP Yogi Jut Wynne this Feb…he is looking for a skier and snowshoer…he’ll knock out the bike and run!   c’mon!   if you want to the Toe The Start Line with this Lineage Brother?  email me at:  Steve@WholisticFitness.com

pic of ilg and Yogi Jut Wynne at the uh…2008 Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon after soloing  the 75-kilometer, 4-sport event…we’re sitting because we were unable to stand!

2 Responses to “(all access) Warrior Wanted; Skier/Snowshoer to Pair Up with Yogi Jut at Tsidool Pilgrimage”

  1. Sandra Lee says:


    it must be fun, you two look happy

    dawa who wants to do Mt Taylor and is itching to learn how to ski

  2. coach says:


    by spring, you’ll have a twist on your Tribal Name;
    instead of DawaG,
    you’ll have earned the name;

    head bowed,

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