“Daddy…Daddy…hold on TIGHTER to my harness!”

“I gotcha Baby Girl…don’t worry!”

“LOOK!!  DADDY!!! i’m  ICE SKATING!!!”

“Yes, yes you ARE!!!  How does that make you feel?”


“Okay, Honey?  We gotta work on your forward lean…find your feet…”

And,  she did find her precious lil’ five year-old feet through the skates and onto the ice…Dewa finished our ice skating sesh by leaping like Hanuman over the painted lines (and at least twice, nearly castrating her poor ol’  Dad!).

How Blessed C(om)e the inner rewards to the families who do what it takes to get out and do?

pics by Ananda, this afternoon…

Blessed and Chi-ldlike be your Sweat…

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4 Responses to “Images To Which Any New Daddy Can Relate”

  1. Having just come from our holiday skating show, these were a pleasure to see! Way to go Dewa!

  2. coach says:

    Precious SS!
    if only we can all breathe into the hard ice of our unworked karma with as much verve, aspiration, and focus as did Dewa charm my Atman this evening!

    thank YOU, Noble Hero of WF, for your contribution…

    { }

  3. Sandra Lee says:

    amazing!! dewa!!!

  4. coach says:

    Om Mani Padme Hung!!!

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