“River is not shy in her Beauty…”  pic of the Sacred Animas, Friday morning outside the WF Temple H(om)e by ilg

Next Question… and this has been lingering since the end of Spin the other day when you invoked a compliment on the Front-desk, girl;   You asked me, as we left out the front doors, “why don’t people COMPLIMENT each other more often?” i responded, and i personally feel, that “most people are too shy”   Now if my answer is close to correct, that people are too shy, would the shyness be a form of the ego?


• absolutely it is!

River is not shy in her beauty…

Eagle is not shy in his flight..

only Human’s  – who’ve been inculcated with myriad parental/societal belief structures superimposed upon our true Nature – are shy (or underconfident).

remember the story of Adam and Eve?

before Eve ate the Apple,  they were just like the Animals,  hanging out naked,  napping beside lions and tigers, sharing the bounty of Mother Earth…

then Eve tasted the Ego and,

well…we are Today…

And that to break that form of the ego down would be to confront the ego?


to Practice confronting the ego of shyness,  we can dare ourselves to offer high-fives on the sidewalks,  give 100 compliments per day to strangers…in the mOMent before giving the High Five

and/or the Compliment;  watch your Mind Waves…you’ll feel the turbulence of the Ego;  “Should i really do this?”    “What happens if she thinks i’m trying to hit on her?”  all sorts of Fear-based sensations

can arise…it’s a very go(o)d, spiritual Practice to do such random acts of kindness!

So therefore, one should go ahead and c(om)pliment beauty when it’s encountered at that m(om)ent?  Exercise that response?  Crush the ego?

Yes!   or,  at least DANCE with the ego!   usually our Ego leads our everyday Dance…when we Awaken and Engage?  our Heart leads the Dance…

great questions!

Blessed be your Bravery to cOMpliment, high five, and otherwise inspire Heart over Fear everywhere your day takes you!

head bowed,

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  1. Ken Doyle says:

    Dear, Steve, Before seeing the above i was going to the gym today to talk to a young lady who is suposed to be welcoming members into the gym but doesn’t do so because she is shy. Once again, as you always say, “THE UNIVERSE WILL PRESENT ITS SELF TO YOU.” Thank you. Love, Kendo

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