Dear Coach,
It was challenging both physically and mentally to stay focused and push into 10 reps of 10 sets of Back Squats. It took me 1.5 hours from walking in to walking out. Going down the stairs at the end was interesting. Thank goodness for hand rails. Front squats was more challenged by postural inelegance and back squats by MMF of legs. The point I’m building to, my knee really hurt at the beginning of this workout. I kept at it. I changed my stance, my weight distribution, my turn in/out, I stayed focused and committed. My knee didn’t hurt at the end and has been relatively ok the rest of today.
New Student ET
Durango, CO
Coach Responds:
•   this workout which i prescribed for you and Beyond Which the WF Deities Blessed;    probably reset the appropriate Connective Tissue into their respective grooves!
“Do your Practice, and all is coming.”   –  Pattabhi Jois
Trust your Practice…all confidence that we bring to the Start Line of a race,
or one m(om)ent;  our Bardo Entry,
pivots upon the integrity of the trust and faith we develop in our solo training/Practice…
Abhayasin ilg
pic;  the master student of endurance squats,  still at it at age 51…are you?  10 sets of 10…you kiddin’ me?!   who else does this?    get on WF Online Training and quit dinkin’ around!  How baaaaad do you want to Rise Higher?

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