Most Noble Sangha Who Pivots Upon Practice and Performance,

well, it’s only Monday, yet, ilg already TAF’s i just cashed in my Karmic Paycheck with this quote from my Precious Student J; “I went to the store and bought a pair of pants. I went from x large to medium. Now that was fun! See you in the (Practice) cave!”

Re-read Student J’s words.  Feel her Enthusiasm….remember when WF/HP lit that same Tapas (inner fire) within you?

How long has it been since you realized your Root Teaching/Teacher in WF and/or through feeble conduit ilg…

please,  consider a Temple Tithe to keep WF flowing throughout the next upcoming, super steep spiritual headwalls…

head bowed,

spirit vowed waaaaay beyond the present incarnation…

coach ilg

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