Noble Sangha,

for his first time ever,  Most Noble WF Online Student BB is going to Take Sacred Pilgrimage this Feb. to Grants, New Mexico to check off his 2nd WF Sacred Sweat Triad event, perhaps the most formidable of them all;  the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon!   He’s already cranked Imogene Pass and is totally focused on his Training for the 75-kilometer, 4-sport mountain yoga vinyasa…here is an excerpt and some pics from a recent training update;


Another great weekend, even without the snow.  So this weekend we had scheduled a trip to Steamboat Springs in hope of doing some XC skiing or Snow shoeing.  However during the week some friends of mine were up there and took some pictures of the complete lack of natural snow.  So we went to plan B, bring our mountain bikes instead.  So instead of snow shoeing or skiing in December we mountain biked, from 6700 up to 8300, only hitting snow for the last ~400 feet of elevation.  It was a beautiful 50 degree day in Steamboat on Saturday  quite an odd day for December though.  The bike up was killer, the legs and lungs burned, especially when we hit the snow!  After reaching the summit of Quarry mountain it was time to bomb back down the double track and then enjoy the final 3 miles of single track back to the base.  What a fun day.  Backing up a few days i rode the bike on the trainer on Thursday for 40 minutes, and on Friday i flowed through a round of HP Yoga.  Yesterday after the drive back from Steamboat i ran for 6 miles before the sun set on my run and it was time to go home.  Can’t wait for some snow so i can begin practicing on my snow shoes and more importantly my skis!

I have attached some pictures for your enjoyment!

Doing my snow dance,


just go ahead and lookit how stinkin’ adorable is my Precious Student BB !?
couldn’t you just, like,  wrap him up, take him home, and put him on your mantel?

A chief characteristic of a WF Mountain Yogi?
they ride from the lower valleys  up, up, up…toward…

Toward and INTO the Sacred Snows!
Special thanks to Yogi BB to let us take a peek into your training for the Sacred Peak Pilgrimage of  Mt.Taylor!

are YOU interested in cranking Mt. Taylor Winter Quad this Feb with me?  solo, pair, or team…c(om)e…take Pilgrimage;

in fact to inpsire you?   i’m offering a

Members Only:

Mt. Taylor Winter Training Special:
•) no initial fee
• ) custom-designed December through Race Day  Program
•)  1  30-minute weekly Phone Consultation


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  1. Brad Tafoya says:

    Yogi BB,

    I was a first time MT Taylor participant and finisher last year! I learned a lot both from Steve and the race itself. Let me know if you have any questions! I hope to make it back again this year!

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