I humbly beg your forgiveness.

I have let WF slide by the wayside and have lost all of my gains and gained plenty of unhealthy size in the process. So, here I am , 300 pounds, out of shape, unhealthy, unemplyed, and broke…unpacking a box in our new house and dusted off TBT

Green Tara baby! Its on like donkey kong! I can’t wait to send you some pics where you can see your work and inspiration in me. You and your teachings keep me sane. Thank you sir! I can’t wait to get a job (been out of work for over a year) and join the member area of WF. Wishing you the best of days sir!!

– Aaron


Coach Responds;

Most Precious Warrior A,

just breathe

just believe…

send me your email address to Steve@WholisticFitness.com

i will inform my Devotee/Temple Protectors to Gift you, free of charge,  a 3-month subscription to WF.com

in the meanwhile,  ilg wants you to re-visit the WF Lifestyle Principles and the WF Sutra’s in TBT and Begin Again there.

update me every week.  i may or may not respond.  just know, that in my Sangha Light Meditations each pre-dawn?   your feeble teacher is in meditation for your Highest Light…

work the Path,and

if you work the WF Path?

trust me,

the Path shall Provide precisely what is needed most…

head bowed,

spirit vowed,

coach ilg

3 Responses to “(all access) “Coach… So, here I am , 300 pounds, out of shape, unhealthy, unemployed, and broke…””

  1. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    Blessings on the journey – the sowing of both of your generous thoughts moved me deeply. LH

  2. One word to Aaron…..”GO”!!!

  3. Toby Leeson says:

    Aaron, as Coach says, The Path Works, for Those Who Work the Path. Those words are so true.

    How’s it going?

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