With a Fischer Ski in one hand, and a Kahtoola snowshoe in the other,  your feeble teacher of nothing smiles big at nearly 10,000′.  pic by Sandra Dawagahti Lee.

as i closed a cherished weekend of racing and yoga teaching at the 40th Annual Chama Ski Classic with perhaps 3 out of 4 possible podiums?  ilg can only take a Conscious Breath and THANK the Deities for sending Wholistic Fitness® through me during this precious incarnation.   i don’t have precise race results;  see,  this event ain’t no surfin’ contest within spittin’ distance of LA.  due to technical difficulties at pulling off a massive weekend of racing with over 250 racers at 10,000′?   it’s okay to have technical difficulties…

here is what ilg knows (unofficially) thus far from one of my most enduring and beloved winter racing events in the Southwest:
* i won the 7.5k Skate (and got the precious monster Ristra to prove it)
* Caleb Thompson (Durango) got 2nd in the 15k Skate
* i got 3rd Overall and 1st AG in the 10k Classic ski finishing behind two – and much younger – All American’s
* i went backwards on the snowshoe  race (racing on a grade 2 strained hamstring) and lost my chance at winning again the coveted King of the Mountain award (best combined time between 10k classic and 5k snowshoe) to Daryl (who came to my yoga class offered in Chama!) for the second year in a row.  i MAY have finished 2nd to Daryl once again, which would be awesome (D is much younger and waaay more accomplished runner than feeble ilg)!
* HP Yogi of 2011/12; Sandra “Dawagahti” Lee scored 1st Place in her AG in the 5k Snowshoe in her first ever appearance at Chama!

a more detailed Race Report coming up soon only for WF.com Members!

3 Responses to “(all access) Day 2; Chama Ski Classic…more Gold for ilg at 10,000′!”

  1. padma says:

    Congrats Sandra!!!
    Sai Baba-Ilgji you are my hero!! Next year I’ll toe this start line with you. This year, how about Tsidool?! See you SOON.

  2. coach says:

    Precious Pahd!
    thank you and watch your email for more!
    love waaaaaaaaay beyond the currently superficially accelerated “in box as chaos” incarnation!
    oh, the
    call me sooo
    seductively during this
    particular station of ilg’s Journey ever Higher!

    { }

  3. Sandra Lee says:

    Thank you Padma! it is your race reports that “move” me higher.


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