“One word, ANIMAL!”  says National MTB Champion Joe Burtoni about my effort to regain my former King of the Mountain title at last weekend’s Chama Ski Classic.  ilg lost the title by not being fast enough in the snowshoe..yet, as i tell my 5 year-old daughter,  “Competition means, by definition, To Arise From Within,”..she gets it.  do you?  Toe the Start Line of SOMETHING, ANYTHING…and feel how the Sangha of Competition lifts you waaaay higher than not cOMpeting…get out there and do your Noble Best…

final result of Day Two at Chama: for the 2nd year in a row, i finished 2nd to the almighty (and newly converted HP Yoga student of mine, Daryl Dagel) for 2nd place Overall in the King of the Mountain competition (10k classic into 5k snowshoe). Daryl? i’ll spot you the 13 years…next year? i’m gonna close that gap to you! GREAT JOB, Oh Noble King! As King, however? ilg challenges you to get as many people to Chama next year as i…it’s our Sacred Duty as (former) Kings!

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