when was the last time you out-sprinted a teenager after running a heart rate of 166+ for 50 minutes at 9,000’…and WON!?!   today, thanks to WF and my Sponsors and to my Students?  i did just that!   stoked!

Wet, soft Langlauf race! 3rd Overall, 1st AG in the 15k (by less than 5 seconds!)…great course! my Swix wax was FAST!  thanks to Fischer Skis!!!   Really felt dialed in for the full 50-minute High Zone 3 race effort!   WF Works if YOU work the Path!   My Asea, Bodyhealth, and Sunrider Herbs triad had my cellular fitness stoked!   nearest 50+ guy was a light year behind!  Feels GREAT to race among teenagers and twenty-somethings!

Most thanks to Durango Nordic Center, and all the groomers and volunteers! How Blessed Are We who embrace Cold Sweat!

HP Yogi Ben Sonntag wins the 30k by a MILE!!! he said, “Coach, your PROP Workouts prepared me to work CORE for 90 minutes!” congrats, Ben!

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