Dear Coach,

What do you tell a super obese 45 year old woman who wants to get lean and have super sculpted muscles by doing yoga? You are a yoga expert.

Most Precious Yogini C,

first;  ilg is just a yoga beginner.  no way an expert.

ilg would tell her to find her yoga (union) within daily cardio and 2-3x/weekly practice of Joy’s yoga DVD.

ilg would get her on Phase One of the SUNRIDER Whole Food Herbs for Cell Cleansing/Fat Loss

ilg would initiate her into my Early Morning Ritual Level One


ilg would have her contact me each Wednesday and Sunday on her Practice.

all the above takes less than 30 minutes per day

and has a Proven Pathway Record of 3 decades, thousands of students, and is totally safe and spiritually meaningful.

that is all,

feeble ilg

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