Noble Sangha,

if you are a subscriber to my Facebook page,  you’ll already know that my first time subbing a Spin/Core class in like over a decade sold out of 34 bikes ten minutes before class!   geezo!    Durango DEFINITELY has some bike-crazy warriors!   apologies to those (especially my yoga students) who came and couldn’t get under the astral VIP rope.   THANK YOU ALL for sharing the Sacred Sweat! your turnout, enthusiasm, gratitude and Noble Effort? NEARLY wants me to teach that class regularly!! 😉 Keep Crankin’ everyone, and remember, Just Breathe, Just Believe…

for WF.com Members ONLY here is my choreography of what we did…you can mimic a similar class on your own, using it.  note that in reverse direction (what else is new about ilg, right?)  i hammered the students with 20+ minutes of wholistic core work in the style of HP Yoga® BEFORE spinning to pre-fatigue the core and THEN superimpose the 60-minute high intensity SPIN!  this is old-school WF philosophy, and, trust me;  it worked as well this morning as it did over 30 years ago!

here you go….oh yeah,  music:

for the opening Core Work?  none…ilg just spat out the WF Dharma
for the Spin?  IBIZA…some ‘rollin’ music from my LA Teaching years… contrary to most SPIN Classes,  i really relied on the students seeing me sweat, hearing my various breathing techniques, oh, and i closed with a great song: Karma – Outsized.

May This Be Helpful:

Wholistic Core/Spin

– Begin with 20 minutes Wholistic core workout

– On the bikes, fast transition!

– 5′ warm up @ 80 rpm; breath & posture & pratyhara

– 5′ TT @ 100 rpm

– Minutes r Forever;  6x 1′ Zone 4 TT efforts w/ 1′ RI (in reverse Namaste)

– Muscle Tension Minutes; 4 x 1′ @ 50rpm 1″RI (internal flotation upr body)

– In-and-Outs; sit 10″, stand 10″.  3x 1′ w/30″ RI

– Alternating Dominate Leg Minutes; 2×1″ for each leg. No RI

– 8 minute warm down at Zone 2

pic;  ilg crushing it toward another 50+ podium at Iron Horse;  Molas Pass, nearly 12k elevation

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