my winter racing season so far..

8 races,  3 different sports…

8 podiums!

oh, make no mistake, there are a LOT of variables that contribute to my winter racing success, undeniably, however,  i emphatically point to my season-round reliance upon MAP Amino Acids…

here are some Q&A’s about my go-to protein supplement;  MAP Amino Acids, direct from Dr. David Minkoff:

a.)    Does MAP have magnesium or calcium stearate in it? NO  Does it have binders or fillers in it? NO.

b.)    When should I take MAP? All at once or throughout the day? Before workouts or first thing in the morning. Then a second dose after workouts or in the afternoon if not working out.

c.)     Should my customers take it with their regular protein drink? NO. If you take MAP with water or juice it will go quickly into your blood within 23-25 minutes. This way, it will not be diluted with other proteins or aminos and the activity of the formula will be 99% utilized.

d.)   Can my clients take it with other protein sources such as eggs, chicken, meat, fish, etc? NO. If you take MAP with other proteins or fats or foods, it will stay in the stomach, get mixed up with those foods and the absorption will be delayed and MAP’s purity will be diluted and it will not be 99% utilized.

e.)    If I take 10 tablets of MAP a day, should I cut back on protein from other foods? NO. You need both. (Vegans & vegetarians should definitely add MAP to their diet!)

f.)     I heard about MAP and my daughter is a competitive swimmer. Is MAP safe for children to take? YES  Does it have any steroids in it? NO.  MAP is plant-based. If she can take another dosage after hard workouts, that will help also. The body uses MAP to rebuild all of the protein structures. For athletes, this is what they need.

g.)    Does MAP have any contraindications? NO. Could it be taken with medication?YES. there are no interactions with medicine or food.

h.)    I have a question: Over a period of a year, I had anemia and low red blood cells, however with good levels of iron and B12. Doctors told me this was ‘Mediterranean gen’. Interestingly enough, I took a blood sample in September (with low RBC’s). Coincidentally, in September I started taking MAP. Mid December I took a blood sample and for the first time in 12 months, my RBC’s were in the normal range. Nothing else changed in my diet or amount of exercise to trigger this. I am puzzled. You are not alone! I have seen this before and this is missed by most hematologists. Hemoglobin is the protein that is carried by the red blood cell. If your protein intake is not adequate, you will not make red blood cells and be anemic. Iron and B12 are not the only requirements for making blood. Good for solving your own problem and thanks so much for letting us know.

i.)      I would like to try MAP but am using my own training regimen and am taking a superior whey supplement. I am leery of changing anything. But, I have heard good things about MAP. Can I be sent a sample bottle so I can see how I feel as I integrate it into my regular regimen? He should purchase and try MAP for a month and experience its beneficial results. MAP is 99% utilized by the body. Even the ‘best’ whey supplements only get about 16-18% utilized by the body. Your client can also look in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference). MAP is not a drug, but is included there with all of its details. This gives it a lot of credibility in itself for physicians and other health care practitioners.

j.)      Does MAP have any maltodextrin or sucrolose in it? No. Also, it does not contain  any refined sugar, brown sugar, acesulfame K, nutra sweet (aspartame), or any other ‘natural’ or artificial sugars.


–          For a ‘break in price’, customers can sign up for automatic re-orders and receive free shipping. (We do automatic re-orders on the 1st and 15th of each month.)

–          Also from time to time, we do product specials. Customers can take advantage of our current 6 for 5 price which makes the price per bottle very competitive. (As of this date, there is a vendor on line promoting MAP for $63 for a bottle of 100 tablets. Our retail price is $53.70 for 120 tablets.)

–          Co-owner of BodyHealth, Dr. David Minkoff, M.D. is himself a 38-time Ironman finisher, including 8-time Kona finisher. He is, among other specialities, a specialist in protein and protein synthesis. When he competed, he needed and wanted the best products and that is how BodyHealth was founded.

if you are NOT on MAP?

you’re not in the Highest Optimal Health and Performance Terrain,

so, get on MAP beneath me

and receive 24/7 support and guidance from myself and my contacts BodyHealth, including Dr. Minkoff himself!

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