“Do not walk before me,
for i may not follow.
Do not walk behind me,
for i may not lead.
Just walk beside me,

Native American saying…original author unknown

pic by ilg; Dewa and Aaaaahmaji doing what we do in Durango during winter…it’s the wind through the hair, it’s the sound of snow beneath you,  it’s the embrace of Father (Sky) and Mother (Earth)…

2 Responses to “(all access) This M(om)ent…”just walk beside me and be my friend.””

  1. No metal benches! Great pic!!

  2. coach says:

    Precious Student SS!
    you Daddy memory of your chi-ld getting crushed and bloody rings deep, ilg can tell! you are right! in fact, this winter? Dewa has been crankin’ the world class fun on the sled, and it was DADDY that severely subluxated my torn and withered right hip/hamstring while, yes, SLEDDING with Dewa! ilg is limping through my winter race season with the audacity which has shown and continues to shine so brightly through the Divine LightSwitch known as my precious daughter!
    and ilg KNOWS you KNOW
    whad’yam talkin’ ’bout!

    How Blessed Are We!?!?!

    { }

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