Director Update: What If It Snows A Lot The Night Before The Race?

by Winter Warrior 10k on Friday, February 8, 2013 at 6:33pm ·

If it snows a lot,

as is expected my Winter Warrior 2013 edition tomorrow – which will be our first year with fresh pow covering the Course –  all that means is that while you are sleeping?  ilg and the DNC Groomers are out stomping the Course, perhaps by headlamp!

Winter Warrior 10k creator/director ilg happy on his Course…

it’s my duty as Race Director, to make ‘every reasonable effort’ to provide a safe and marked Course, free of debris, for the racers.   since we ARE a USSSA-Sanctioned event,  i want this Course to be as great a qualifying race for Nationals as possible, which means providing packed, groomed Course, since the theme of National snowshoe racing is currently all about speed, not versatility.  That would change if my race ever gets selected to be a National Championship venue.  ilg was one of the pioneers of this sport, and if given the chance?  the privilege? the honor to host a USSAA National Championship?  my Course would ensure he and she with the most VERSATILE Snowshoeing Skills AND Fitness would win…the Way it should be,  at least in my Path Less Traveled philosophy!

however,  it IS up to my discretion to run y’all onto virgin trails as long as they are well-marked…(you shoulda sweated through some of our early year – mid 80’s – Sport Snowshoe races at venues like Leadville where we would race through several k of unpacked powder!).

in some circumstances,  an unpacked Course is safer in snow event situations than a packed powder Course.

having said that?

i and the amazing DNC professional snow groomers are ready to literally snowmobile 80% of the singletrack sections and i have snowshoe groomers ready to stomp out the other 20%.   before the Start of your race,  i’ll give specific Course Condition info so you can adjust your tactics…my goal is always to inspire technical racing fitness/technique coupled with full-throttle, groomed sections to see who is most Fit in a Wholistic Fitness® sense!  what else would you expect from ilg?!     😉

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