on this Knight of all nights…as feeble ilg prepares my transition bags and gear for taking Sacred Pilgrimage to Tsidool,   i received this precious Missive from one of my most stalwart supporters, students, and fellow warriors;  Fit Kit from Vernon, BC.    this is a pic i took of Fit Kit in 2010 as he took his regular WF Private Pilgrimage to see me when i still lived in Kinlani (aka; Flagstaff, AZ).   Over Fits’ right shoulder is Doko Oosliid; the Sacred Peak of the West…over his left  delt?  yup,  that’s Agassiz…oh!  how ilg misses those treasured Sacred Peak which are INUNDATED with Kachina Mountain Spirits!

Snow plume off Agassiz’s sexy southwest shoulder…both pics by ilg.  Perhaps it’s because the Tsidool Mountain Spirits have already embedded Their Blessings for my Sacred Pilgrimage on Saturday to Them,  however,  ilg right now?  High as disembodied Kachina conversation and laughter above timberline, hovering, cloud-hidden, plume-proofed,



above the common man..

Take WF Sacred Pilgrimage, and perhaps, one day, you will write your ol coach a love missive like Fit Kit below:


You have enriched the lives of so many and have truly made a mark on this world.

Thank you for all you have meant to me and for all you have given to me.

You are my guide, my brother and most of all my friend.

Ai Imawa with love.

Fit Kit

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  1. Leferisen John says:

    diddo that…. Fit Kit hit the nail directly on the head.

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