Noble Sangha,
how doth one encapsulate a Miracle of Love, DreamSpeak, and Divine Alignment!?!?!
My little Lady of the Sacred Snows, bringing the WF Chi, baby!     pic by ilg;  Dewachen Ilg (5) successfully defends her third consecutive Winter Warrior Girlz Snowdash this morning at my Winter Warrior 10K.   National MTB Champ Howard Grotts took Open’s Mens,  former pro triathlete, Molly Hummel took Open’s Women.  In the 5k, National Cyclecross Champion Troy Wells arrives late, makes up a 7-minute gap and wins.  5k Womens Open went to Kricket Lewis…let’s see, that’s 3 of 4 winners that are my High Performance Yoga®  Students…hmmmm….something still special after 3+ decades of Teaching must still be going on!

my 3rd Annual and NOW a National Qualifying Snowshoe Race for the entire 4-Corner Region; The Winter Warrior 10k was yet another plum picked mid-winter among a full throttle winter storm!
when i arrived to my Race Venue in the pre-dawn darkness?   it was full on white-out conditions.  ilg looked up to Father and whispered, “Well, Shiva?  You sure know how to create a heccuva Dance Floor!” i knew i’d lose a lot of entrants due to the storm, yet…end result?   so MANY amazing stories spilled via sacred sweat upon the hammering of snow!   and,  ilg now knows what it takes to pull off an outdoor sport event during full-on winter conditions.  (a LOT more effort, that’s for sure!)
see long time ilg-fan Scot Davis’s fantastic teaser video from my race this morning on my personal FB page or my Winter Warrior 10k FB page…sorry,  for some reason can’t upload it here.
What do National Cycling Champions – the smart ones? – do in their off season?   They keep an open mind, heart, and warrior spirit to Coach Ilg’s offerings…like, say, winning the Winter Warrior 10k, a dastardly beautiful USSSA-Sanctioned National Qualifier race custom created by ilg to bring forth the Inner Warrior of ALL who choose to toe my Start Line!   pic by ilg, this morning as Howard was charging toward his Overall Victory
The Winner’s Wine (donated by Mike French) went to none other than National MTB Champion from Durango;  Howard Grotts and former pro triathlete and Durangatang, Molly Hummel!!
In the ski lodge, next to the antique stovepipe which has etched itself into my deepest neural circuits since age 8,  Joy, Dewa, and i gave out 54 free prizes valued at over $3,400 due to the INCREDIBLE 3-week surge of legwork (she doesn’t own a car, “I am my car,” she tells people) 2012/13 HP Yogini of the Year, Sandra “Dawaghati” Lee who hit the streets of Durango each day to rally prizes from merchants.  we lit my treasured little nordic center up like Yogi Christ’s own Light!   EVERYONE was sooo stoked!  AMAZING PRIZES!  none of which were less than the $15 entry fee which i turned every cent over to the Durango Youth Nordic Club.
Dewachen Ilg (5)  continued her Winter Warrior win streak in the Kidz Snowdash and got a 2-hour trail ride reward beside her Gold Medal.
Zane, Son of Warrior Leaf…hammering to his first win at my Winter Warrior Boyz Snowdash…while Daddy Leaf was out taken care of spiritual business in the Men’s Open 10k.  pic by ilg
Zane Leferisen (7), son of Most Devoted Warrior Leaf, took out the Boyz Snowdash while Warrior Leaf himself went to work on the Mens Open 10k after arriving late to the Start by traveling to (i think i got this right) Tinbuctoo and back and then, back again in a winter storm.
sooo many stories…soo much love…

it’s really sOMething to have this idea, this Dreamspeak in your spirit…then, make it manifest and then feel in your spiritual heart the countless hours spent by soooo many others in support of your DreamSpeak…feeble ilg just…just…withers at the wonderfulness of my Sangha’s Blessed Strength and Devotion…How Blessed is ilg to have you share this Journey Higher together!?!?!
Oh,  5k: ilg student and National Cyclecross Champion Troy Wells arrived 7 minutes late to the 5k start, made up the gap, and won.  regardless of the fact he never runs nor snowshoes.   (it’s the engine inside that matters, not what goes on the wheels).   Meanwhile his partner, Kricket, (cousin of WF Devotee Padma) full on HP Yogini and private  student took out  the 5k womens…it was awesome…
so many stories…

WF/HP students were everywhere on the Sacred Snows, getting the Sacred Workout done Within; it was TOUGH CONDITIONS!   super soft…highly technical…oh, and Dawagahti finished in Bronze Medal position in the Womens 10k;  her first ever 10k…(she took 1st place AG in Chama 5k recently).  then there was HP Yogini Devotee Agnes,  with screws all throughout her right leg and hip, limp-running the entire 5k course!
OOOOHHH!  the stories!!!

oh, then there is my precious Student ET, who again, never raced on snowshoes,  yet toed the Start Line and finished in 3rd Place in Womens Master!   ilg falls to sleep with a bigger than this life smile radiant throughout my spiritual heart as i recollect all these faces/spirits running, walking, falling, climbing up my snowshoe course to the best of their abilities…
sooo many more stories,

yet,  i’ll find a Higher Way to relate them to you all…through Meditation…through my Astral Early Morning Transmissions to those of you who Work this Precious Path with me…you’ll feel not my chi alone,  yet the chi of Ellen, Dawa, Warrior Leaf,  Dewachen, Joy, Troy, Kricket, and soo many others that ilg has not told you about!  like HP Yogi Robbie Trudeaux who attempted to defend this Title this morning yet literally ran up against a Warrior Youth Wall that just screamed past everyone!   like HP Yogi and Winter Warrior sponsor; bRad…whose own morning was filled with Shiva’s Dancing upon his own Rotary Club fundraiser yet, defaulted to come over to the Winter Warrior Race and cheer on the racers….i mean, c’mon?!?!
sooooooo many stories…
“You know what?  i feel a world-class snowshoe race course within these trees!”    ilg, November, 2010 on an initial recon mission to scout my proposed snowshoe course which has now becOMe a National Qualifier. pic by Helen Low.

and that is why
three years ago,  ilg walked on a chilly November morning through the naked Aspens and winter-bracing pines of the Durango Nordic Center, cocked my head toward Helen, the Nordic Center Manager and said,
“You know what?   i feel a world-class snowshoe race course within these trees…”

ilg has kept you too long,
i’ve got to travel 60 miles tomorrow and do 2 sprint ski races and a nordic biathlon;  please wish this TIRED Race Director the Pranic Flow!   love, blessings, gratitude, and wow to It All!
just had to update you all…
animate your Dreams…
may this sharing empower your own Workouts within,

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  1. Kit Johaneson says:

    Love you man. My thoughts were with you.
    Truly an amazing Wholistic Fitness /Harmony Now event.
    Ai imawa
    Fit Kit

  2. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    Ya Hoo!!!! your post did my heart some much needed GOOD. My new “pup” STAR is a mean little snowshoer! Maybe next year you could add the dogz course….Hey, rumor has it that you might come to Kinlani in March. THAT would do my heart some much needed GOOD. Thank you for sowing such generous thoughts. Blessings LH

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