i mean,  you COULD just eat raw fish that you caught…
OR….why not do what i’ve been doing for the past 30+ years and use my Fat Loss Herbs and eat karmically clean, and vibrate ever Higher?…
here’s the “skinny” on my Proven Path of Phase One on the Secret Herbs…

ah…the WF Nutritional Core:   SUNRIDER WHole Food Herbs,  MAP Amino’s and ASEA Sacred Water…all the WF Warrior needs for Medicine/Performance/Recovery and Pranic Ascension Opportunities!


my first order of SUNRIDER Herbs, just arrived!  what do i take and when?




Most Noble JV!

awesome;   here you go:


•  Slim Caps    – 1 cap

•  Fibertone – 1 cap

• Calli Night w/a drop or few of Sunny Dew –    1-2 cups.      now,  a Calli teabag is NOT like a ‘lipton’ tea bag!    each Calli teabag is good for up to 6 cups of Calli:

* boil enough water for 6 teacups

* turn OFF the water ( NEVER put a Calli teabag into boiling water;  it will destroy the regenerative aspects/herbal properties!

* after the water is not boiling,  put a Calli teabag into the hot water.   steep for 10 minutes (not LESS!)

* pour your first and/or second cup(s) of Calli.   replace the water used.

* you can literally let the Calli teabag stay in the water overnight(s) until that initial pot is drunk…or,  transfer into a GLASS container and save.  heat (never microwave steep’d Calli) or drink Iced Calli, which is really awewsome!


• 3 Vitadophilus – eat ONE PACK DIRECTLY BEFORE anything else is consumed!

•  Action Caps – 4 caps with morning meal


•  put one package of  Fortune Delight and a few drops of Sunny Dew into a water bottle…drink  1-2 water bottles per day

•  Sunbar;  eat one during the day….for rapid fat loss,  replace noon meal with two Sunbars.

get ready to drop fat!

right here for questions…

oh:  do NOT forget to take your MAPS!

head bowed,


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