It’s a hec of a Teaching;  losing one’s father when your own fatherhood journey has just begun…

Having said that,
Guiding my fathers Bardo Entry (he would have been 80 years-old today) remains one of the most
tangible proofs of direct experience of reincarnation and all that the yogic scriptures teach about
transmigration of our Soul (Atman)…
on the evening before my dead dad’s 80th birthday,
another incredible linked series of auspicious Signs which have continued to manifest in both my
inner and outer worlds since my dad’s passing,  the following video was freely and mystically shot by an
Angel Friend of mine using a robotic mini-helicopter…
i feel in my heart,
it is my Dad’s Atman…guiding me faithfully from above and so proud of me for doing what it
takes to be nearly always just an arm’s reach away from my daughter,  Puggy’s Granddaughter whom
he called, “my Ladybug,”…
enjoy the Puggy-Sent video of myself and Dewachen skiing at our local ski hill yesterday…
Puggy?   thanks for getting my back from Above, and i’ve got your back every morning in my zendo…
and am watching the Signs…
we’ll be fishing (the cosmic lake) together again soon…
Puggy 2…your first son

2 Responses to “it’s a hec of thing, losing your own Dad when your own Fatherhood has just begun…”

  1. /suprana\ says:

    love love love /\

  2. Leferisen John says:

    It’s good to know One who sacrifices much for his chi-ild
    To be there…. in each m(om)ent, along the way

    Smiling from the Irons

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