The Fitness Underground Los Angeles highly recommends this awesome read by Fitness Guru, competitive athlete & our cherished friend, Steve Ilg. (Total Body Transformation: A 3-Month Personal Fitness Prescription For a Strong, Lean Body and a Calmer Mind)

Are you looking for a personal fitness prescription for a strong, lean body and a calmer, focused mind. Whereas other training methods tend to focus on either bodybuilding or yoga, the revolutionary approach developed by Steve Ilg emphasizes interconnectedness and brings results that simply can’t be achieved any other way.

– Total Body Transformation gives readers; hardcore athletes and novices alike the secret to having it all: strength from lifting weights; flexibility from yoga; a lean body from the right nutrition and cardio; and all the benefits that come from mindfulness, meditation, and true physical and emotional well-being.

* Buy it here: (Amazon) http://www.amazon.com/Steve-Ilg/e/B000APHLP2

* Also check out: Steve Ilg’s Wholistic Fitness:http://wholisticfitness.com/

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