it’s a WRAP, baby!!! JUST WAIT till y’all get a load of my NEW HP Yoga® PROP WORKOUT!!! Day Two of filming with the master; Scot Davis and a SURREAL Sacred Sweat of 90 Deity-sent minutes to produce a world-class yoga/core fitness video that will once again, reset the Standard of what a fully functional mind/body/spirit workout entails! DEEEEEEP thanks to my precious students today; Sandra Lee, Jacqueline Boudreau, Nate Disser, Jeff Vierling, Kricket Lewis, and 1st Film Assistant Mat! The Cave was a reservoir of sweat…stay tuned for when YOU can experience this ultimate yoga/core workout/workwithin! Early Bird Discounts for members of www.WholisticFitness.com

2 Responses to “(all access) it’s a WRAP, baby! my new HP Yoga® PROP Workout!!!”

  1. Ken Doyle says:

    Dear Steve, Please send me a copy of the new prop workout. You have my credit card number. Any questions please contact me. GREAT chatting with you a few weeks ago. LOVE, Kendo

  2. coach says:


    you got it baby!

    Scot said it should be DONE tomorrow!
    head bowed,
    spirit vowed,

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