Full Flower Moon – May In most areas, flowers are abundant everywhere during this time. Thus, the name of this Moon. Other names include the Full Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon….

ilg reckons, ever since my Dad died on this Day, 2 years ago  (see my personal Facebook page for more),  the May Full Moon stirs more emotive waves within ilg (whose Practice, like all yogis, is to simply witness emotions without attachment),  than ilg cares to publicly admit.

today, on this Sacred Day whereupon my Dad entered the Bardo, two years ago,  i took my daughter (Grandpa Puggy used to call her, “my little Ladybug,”)  fishing to Lemon Dam…whereupon ilg sacred recalls sacred time i spent with Puggy fishing and getting into sOMe hilarious circumstances…

though back then we used to catch trout by the bucketful,  today, with the water level at such sad low levels,  we only had one nibble between the two of us,  yet we shared sacred Daddy/Dewa time and,  auspiciously,  on the eve of my Dad’s Bardo Entry two years ago?   we just left the dam,  and driving back,  i spotted a snake in the middle of the road…

immediately, i pulled over, “Dewa!  Sit tight, there is a Snake in the middle of the road and he’s gonna get cushed (a word we use to mean, SMASHED TO SMITHEREENS) by this car coming up behind us,  hold on!”

“DADDY!”  was the last i heard from her, as i screeched Bala over to the shoulder,  jumped out, and waved to the oncoming car to SLOW DOWN!

thankfully, the car driver was a Consciously Here Now old Hippie who resides in this heavenly hamlet hovering 1,000′ over Durango…i told him there is a Snake Being (yes, ilg used that term) in the middle of the road…to which he replied in a slow, pinyon soaked manner,

“Well den,  you best git oer n’ git dat critter safe, eh?”

so, basically, ilg rescued the Snake Being (who soon became, Strikey Snakey Ilg) and put him/her into a box whereupon, arriving home, Dewa promptly lost him as she let Strikey out onto our backyard whereupon ilg rests assured Strikey is now our official Gardner Snake Garden Protector  of our garden residing happily beneath our wood pile…

Snake Medicine is the medicine of, as my treasured Native American students will re-mind ilg,  Transmutation, and that Snake teaches us to recognize that we are an eternal being experiencing mortality, we are constantly shedding anything that has served its purpose, in favor of something which is of greater value.

head bowed,

spirit bowed,

fatherless ilg

2 Responses to “Full Flower Moon…and Snake Medicine on my Dad’s 2-year Bardo Entry Day…”

  1. coach says:

    thanks Wendy Joe!!! Truly perfect that a Native American would be first to Like such a juxtaposition of Grandmother Moon, Cousin Cloud, and Sister Tree backdropped by Shiva…the all-pervading Male Light…thank you! Blessed be your Night, and take strong the Arising Day! How Blessed Are We!

  2. Leferisen John says:

    Way to go on not killing the snake-being Ilg!!
    Bad Omens are experienced by ones who do, not immediately, however later on in their lives.

    Snake, Owl, Coyote, are the main creatures in dine’ cultural that heed great caution when one encounters.
    So…. tread lightly we have always been told.

    NOTE: this is the counsel from my Elders

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