World Class Yoga with a World Class Athlete, since 1982….top:  pic of Coach Steve Ilg in floating padmasana by Scot Davis.  bottom; ‘el coache’ pretending to be ready for another Tuesday night slugfest…by James Hobby.

Most Noble DWC Brothers and Sisters!

it’s been awesome riding with y’all this spring!  you probably won’t see too much of me for the next month or so…(i really don’t ride bikes that much!)

however,  THANK YOU for helping my cv fitness this spring!  you ALL are AMAZING on bicycles!!!

feeble ilg can only bow in wow of all of you!

Let me return the favor!

Below is my Summer Schedule of High Performance Yoga®…don’t’ be intimated…you’ll see a large percentage of the local peleton in my classes each week.

These days, cyclists finally realize how vital suppleness, sustained mental focus, ventilatory threshold, breath consciousness, and functional, balanced neuromuscular fitness is for their

cycling performance as well as long-term wellness and immunity.

I’ll see you this summer in my yoga classes to attain all the above and much more!  My Path of HP Yoga® has been the choice of Olympic, World, National, and Regional Champions

from a multitude of sports since 1982 for good reason;  it works…when YOU work the Path!

All ages, all abilities…i focus on strength-based suppleness to

ensure optimal sport performance transfer!

HP Yoga® Summer, 2013 Schedule, effective June 1

Monday – HP Slow Flow with Steve 5:30-6:30pm @ Rock Lounge Durango

Tuesday – Easy Morning Flow with Joy (sometimes Steve) 7-8am @ Durango Rec Center

Wednesday – HP PROP Workout (Core/Strong Flow) with Steve 5:30-7:00pm @ Rock Lounge Durango  (This is my most popular class for cyclists)

Thursday – Yin Yoga with Joy 4:45 – 5:30pm @ YogaDurango, Forida Road

Consultations and Privates in yoga, bodywork, strength training, cardio, meditation, and the lifestyle of Wholistic Fitness™ available year-round

email me with questions at:  steve@wholisticfitness.com

for more on HP Yoga, just hit up http://www.facebook.com/hpyoga

see you on the cobbles or the sacred dirt sooner or later,

in wholeness,

head bowed,

coach steve ilg, cpt/uscf/ryt 500




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