Dear Coach,

Since improving my diet and other wholistic activities, and consuming Assimilaid for the past few weeks, my acid reflux has improved dramatically.  I might have said cured, except recently, after a week in Gallup, NM eating crappy food, it came back a bit.  Now it is again on the wane.

What other measures, yoga routines, etc. might you recommend?

a WF Devotee


“Acid Reflux…
interesting Western Term attempting to describe an imbalance-thus-calling toward the main inner  Block-busting chakral field (what ilg likes to call, Inner ‘Mine’-Field)  of Manipura Chakra located at the palace of the inner sun (navel/solar plexus).   Acid = Yang.   the cure to Yang is Yin…the Treatment:  more allegiance to the WF 4 Lifestyle Principles….of course!    softer, more conscious breath and elegant posture throughout the day (WF Lifestyle Principle #1) will certainly help as will our many arrows of Conscious Nutrition such as 3×30, eating with chopsticks,  Rasas Eating Assignment,  Earned Sustenance, Elegant Eating Principle, and invoke the WF Pre Mealtime Blessing to name just a few.

You are also hereby Instructed to pray/contemplate/invoke Ganesha to remove the Obstacle of your Manipura blockage…

Stop eating crappy foods. you de-Serve what you choose to Serve to your Ahamkara (egoic sheath).

ilg is now Transmitting to you the power to stop that particular craving at its ahamkaric root.

perform my Wing’d Angel routine every third morning and one PROP Workout per week.  use Fibertone and/or Slim Caps with Vitadolphilus from SUNRIDER  Herbs, or use Bodyhealth Intestinal Cleanse.

Jai Ganesha!


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