Dear Coach Ilg,

I have been taking sunrider slim/action caps for 7 years now…they have assisted me in keeping the weight that I lost off during this time (I also started to take Quinary, but have not been able to budget more at this time, along with my MAP intake and other vitamins)…I now see that Action caps are no longer and wonder how long till slim caps are added…then I see your email about switching to more bodyhealth and another company.

I never took sunrider for the business…but I did have plans to one day do so, and worked for years to get my mother on it and she finaly started just a few months ago…now I’m lost

if I’m looking to do something to continue to put whole foods that keep my body functioning within normal levels across the board…what do I do?
and if I plan on eventually assisting others to do what I have done, what company would be the best way to go?

I know you are busy, I appreciate your time,

lost follower,



Most Precious Vince!

you are lost no longer…i already sent this, however, here it is again for those wishing/needing to transition from SUNRIDER to BODYHEALTH

  • in lieu of Action Caps/Fortune Delight  we now use  HEALTHY THIN from Bodyhealth
  • in lieu of Slim Caps/Fibertone use INTESTINAL CLEANSE + COMPLETE from Bodyhealth
  • in lieu of Vitashake/NuPlus/MetaBlance 44 (Multi Vitamin/Mineral, full spectrum tonic, and Liver Detox) use COMPLETE from Bodyhealth
  • in lieu of Calli (to pull toxins from cells) use DETOX and/or METAL FREE from Bodyhealth
  • and i also STRONGLY encourage an embrace of the “Sacred Water” of ASEA for overall longevity, recovery, performance, and cellular optimization.

although Bodyhealth is NOT a Direct Marketing company,  ASEA is a FANTASTIC and easy company to make significant money while deeply helping others in the most important way of all:  their cellular health.  ilg’s ASEA Business Partner will take you under his most capable wing and you’ll soon be soaring with a wonderful dharma based business!   ilg would LOVE for you to be my business partner in ASEA while enjoying the transition to BODYHEALTH!

right here for your questions…

flying higher, further, and with more verve than ever before,

your Wholy Sweat coach

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