This is your next coach steve ilg approved Dharma movie! Enjoy and allow your sadhana to become re-recentered and re-ignited after watching this incredible documentary. A genuine must-see from the one and only Werner Herzog. A genuine spiritual warrior flick. Best if viewed after a big training day. Herzog and his noble crew have produced a movie whereupon all our national diseases of obesity, diabetes, and mental dis-orders are suddenly seen for what they truly are; a lack of everyday sacredness earned through incredible sweat and spirit. Regardless of Great for kids, athletes, spiritual warriors, yogis, winter sports lovers (wait till you see the ski- production section!), dogs, and gut-deep, native spirituality!

2 Responses to “your next Coach Ilg-Approved Dharma movie…”

  1. Blair Lyon says:

    Dearest Coach Ilg,

    We will see this as soon as it hits Pittsburgh. I have always loved Herzog’s work.
    While on the topic of films, we saw One Track Heart, the Krishna Das documentary and
    the Lyon Clan gives it 4 thumbs up.

  2. coach says:

    no need to wait, just hit it up on Netflix! One Track Heart rocks the dharma!
    Blessed be your sacred sweat and stillness!

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