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ilg has all-ways said since 1981; we are only as healthy as the vibrational state of our cellular fitness….ilg has now outlived, outperformed many of my naysayers and still reaches more podiums across more sports than most 20 year-old athletes at age 52…you finally ready to Rise Higher toward Wholeness?

as many of you know,  ilg has been ALL OVER the “Fountain Of Youth,”  “Wholy Water,”  “Sacred Water,”  “Jet Fuel toward Enlightenment,”;    ASEA re-dox signaling water for over a year…below,  my ASEA Business Development Partner, Petru Radu writes based from one of my many public/radio/internet embrace of ASEA:

“I am sending this email to Yogi/Yoginis in Germany: Namaste

My name is Peter Radu, I have the honor and privilege to represent and assist Yogi Steve Ilg with the ASEA Global Project. We are expanding to Germany and we need your help.

Here you can learn more about coach Ilg: https://www.facebook.com/hpyoga and http://www.facebook.com/l/WAQFVVLArAQFd7H05gls_6bWKHbXATw_aMC3wKHqzSy-8MA/wholisticfitness.com

He created “Wholistic Fitness®” in 1981 and reached 7 World Championships in 5 different sports (a feat which remains untouched); all this is after self-healing himself from spinal paralysis. He broke his back as a result of 50-foot fall during a winter mountaineering attempt on Longs Peak, in Rocky Mountain National Park.

OUTSIDE Magazine: “Ilg has achieved mastery in more sports than most of us will ever try.” Considered by international media as a pioneering Coach/Athlete/Author, Ilg is known by his legions as a, “Master Mountain Yogi”

, may we send you a couple of links regarding ASEA? ASEA is considered by many scientists and holistic practitioners such as: PhD’s MD’s ND’s, DC’s etc. the greatest discovery in health, athletic performance and anti-aging!

Kind regards,


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