a yogic vinyasa of a HP-style:   your feeble Teacher of nothing this evening;  discovering the Hidden Gems Within during an excruciatingly hard Road TT during Event #3 of 4 at the DWC Championships.  Great pic by James Hobby over at  your one and only stop for all things Durango Outdoors:  www.DurangOutdoors.com

Most Noble Sangha,

okay…little tardy here given the supersonic intensity of the last few days (Dewa’s birthday, spike in local athletes requiring bodywork, online fitness coaching, yoga teaching and all of this output tempered by yet another remarkable demonstration of WF’s cellular nutritional fitness standing up to the test as ASEA, BODYHEALTH, and SUNRIDER mitigated a high velocity cold that kept others in their beds for 3 days, ilg never missed teaching a class or racing in the Championships, though i must admit..i was congested and not feeling typically ilg for sure!)…here is the low down:

Saturday: DWC Championship Road Race, event #2 of 4 – 47-miles…in pouring rain/cold
let ilg put it this way;  more than half the peleton simply quit.   we raced for barely 20 minutes into a 2-hour+ race before Father Sky opened His Noble Jaw and let loose a TREMENDOUS downpour if not deluge…the type of pelting rain which feels like buckshot into your skin.   you know you are in for an epic race when freakin’ CARS are pulled over onto the shoulder to hunker like frightened Chicken Beings “until the worse of it passes.” Yeah, well, for those us in our often-made-fun-of-lycra suits colored like crayolas on meth?  Now let ilg hear the car-drivers vents at us…cuz WE were still pedaling into those fierce winds and hypothermic cold rains while the car drivers pansied up.  Go figure.

We were to race 3 half north valley laps before the insane drag race up 9%  New Shalona climb to the finish.  Due to the berserk conditions,  Lap One of the Valley went relatively in survival mode as if the entire peleton was saying throughout its collective consciousness, “Dude, do we REALLY want to be out here?” until just into Lap Two during a hurricane gale of a deluge, an big attack on a riser severed the peleton like a Zen Masters’ kyosaku stick;  “WAKE UP, NOW!” and then,  several sopping wet miles later,   it was none other than my own yoga/bodywork student; Tino,  who attacked our Lead Group solo into a ragin’ headwind!  LOVE THAT GUY!*

Deep into the Bell Lap; our Lead Group catches my student…he said something to me, yet ilg was already growing hypothermic fibers within my Atma and my kinesthetic input was on cold ass shut down so i had no idea what he said to me.  Mike F, fresh from a win at Salida was convulsing on the bike as the rain poured on…Jon D, one of Durango’s fastest cyclists was whining and i heard him say, “This is the hardest thing I’ve done all year!”   Meanwhile, ilg, trained wholistically,  kept to the Mantra and felt the Mantra afford me an astral protective shield from the cold, wind, and driving non-stop rain…until..

The Final Acceleration up New Shalona to the Finish
when i felt Jon D, come up hard on my right shoulder,  i thought, “Game on!” and attempted to get onto his Noble Wheel as he made the initial First Blood move on our paltry Lead Group up the final hill…yet, alas,  with congested sinuses and past my sizzling peak of virtually all summer?  When i raised up my saddle to get onto Jon’s dharma wheel?  ilg co(u)ld not feel my legs!  i mean,  i KNEW they were still there…yet it was like a flashback to when i was paralyzed (for real)…i saw my legs, yet could not move them.  let’s just say,  ilg got dropped hotter than a big fat hot brick on that horrid, rhythmless, utra steep 1.5k uphill to the finish line.

Oh, i did cross the Finish Line
unlike more than half the peleton who quit.  i was the last in the Lead Group and damned proud of it!  Especially considering i was congested and not feeling my typical Chi!   We are only as go(o)d as we are on our ‘bad’ days…i finished in the Lead Group,  just behind Dale K…the leader of the 50+ cat while more than half the peleton had quit the intense conditions, and more importantly,  i hung through those Bardo Entry conditions for over 2hours with pro level, sport specific cyclists…chalk yet another spiritual victory up for all Wholsitic Fitness® athletes everywhere! 

Going into today’s Road Time Trial…
i was still holding onto 2nd place…yet in the TT, i would find a TT specialist that would out perform me and threaten my Overall Standing…

May Go(o)d Bless All Those Intelligent Enough To Sweat Daily…

*Note:  Tino is the current, yes i said, current, Croatian National RR Champion in his AG!

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