feeble ilg’s offering to my precious Friends Along The Path tonight? Just these Three Gems along the Way Toward Wholeness…





#1) …and ALL-WAYS was, is, and shall be #1:   Love, Love, Love!     Love is all there is…

pic of Dewachen Ilg by her feeble daddy







#2)  Sweat, Sweat, Sweat…in as MANY WAYS as you can for as LONG as you can…NO MATTER WHAT!!   the more wholistically you sweat?  the Higher you vibrate your Body/Mind/Spirit…

pic of feeble ilg by Joy Kilpatrick training again two of my many weaknesses in my own study of Wholistic Fitness®;  Strength and Suppleness






#3)   Stillness, Stillness, Stillness….without a daily Meditation practice?  our efforts toward wholeness are useless.   Need help?   ilg is here now for you!

pic:  your feeble teacher of nothing in Meditation by Vishnu

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