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and my Facebook Sangha went kinda kooky over my Green Chili posting and requested the recipe…


by popular request:


 ilg’s Green Chile Stew 


i must really, really, REALLY love y’all…cuz normally, i’m too selfish a yogi to reveal s(om)ething this pranically powerful!    enjoy!   let me know how you like it!


the basic recipe was gifted to me by my Navajo family who lives near here, about 2 hours west of Durango:




if you enjoy and benefit from this recipe,  please consider a Temple Tithe to benefit my ongoing work with Navajo and Native youth children as i travel to the Reservation(s) of Turtle Island to bring yoga and wholistic health/wellness to Native kids and adults:



ilg with my spiritual bro from a different mother: “G” taken at a day school on the Navajo reservation during a recent yoga teaching mission.  “G’s” dad was just jailed (again) the night before our class…ilg loves “G” and all the other amazing kids i get to do the real work of yoga with…sure,  i could make a lot more money teaching yoga to rich white people on exotic islands, yet, to ilg?  well…i’ve all-ways been on the front line of spiritual warriorism;  so be it.  help me out, will you?  send me a Temple Tithe so i can keep touching amazing kids like “G” who told me with a chi-stare; “I want to grow to be like you!”   


As you may know, the Native cultures are suffering from a pandemic of obesity and diabetes courtesy of the White Man cultural invasion…your contribution helps provide me gas money and offset other expenses.


Ahe´ hee´  (Navajo, for ‘Thank You)


– coach ilg




Nourishes up to 4 (or 1 ilg after a hard, long workout in the high peaks!)


Time Required:

white mans’ world:   about 30 minutes

native world: this meal is timeless, so don’t worry about it


Wholistic Preparation Variables:

•) use the Tribal Mantra throughout preparation

•) use your non-Dominant hand to chop, stir, pour, etc., as much as your willingness allows

•) use your own sweat-based Hunger and Sacred Appreciation for All Beings which brought these physical ingredients and cooking environment as the main spiritual ingredients.

•) feel your feet on Mother Earth and breathe consciously Father Sky throughout preparation



2.5 tablespoons Olive Oil

2 tablespoons roasted, crushed organic Garlic

1 pound lean pork fashioned by hand (and mantra) into 1/2 – 3/4 inch cubes/patties*

24 oz of the best quality fire roasted, freshly chopped New Mexico Green Chiles you can possibly find!**

1 package of Gluten-free Tortilla Chips (optional)

1 medium organic tomato, chopped

2 teaspoons flour (gluten-free’rs use Arrowroot flour)

2 cups vegetable or chicken broth, dependent upon your temperament

Some chopped, fresh Cilantro by intuition

Sea Salt by intuition

Pinch of Lemon Pepper

A few pinches of Chili Powder

Some Oregano by intuition




1) heat oil over medium heat in a large, deep rimmed skillet.

2) add crushed garlic. heat.

3) add cubed pork. brown. allow excess moisture to cook off.

4) add green chili and combine thoroughly with browned pork.

5) add chopped tomato and combine with pork and chili mixture.

6) sprinkle flour (or Arrowroot) evenly over the mixture to combine.

7) continue to mix while adding broth until mixture is at desired consistency.

8) add salt, cilantro, lemon pepper, chili powder, and oregano to taste/intuition.

9) simmer for 10 minutes (good time to sit in Meditation)

10) remove from heat, cover, and stand at room temp for 12 minutes before serving.

11) for additional flavor, sprinkle with shredded cheese such as cheddar and/or monterey jack…

12) use tortilla chips as ‘silverware’ to scoop up the stew (optional)







* i’ve tried substituting tofu, tempeh, and other flesh alternatives yet in so doing, the dish lost much of its taste, and cultural pranic verve…if you find something that works for you,  let me know!


** the dish suffers only slightly if you must buy the frozen green chiles…as long as your green chiles are from New Mexico,  you won’t be disappointed in the chi of this recipe!









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  1. Brad Gantt says:

    Looks delicious EC, thank you for sharing. And thank you for all you do for this land’s native people.

    Head bowed,


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